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Take in new energy and start again to create brilliance for the dream

Date:2021-04-30 14:57:45 Source :本站 Views: 11

    On the afternoon of April 30, Xinxinyuan company carried out the military training report performance of "absorbing new energy and fighting for dreams" and the new year fun games. Qiao Shuhua, general manager of Hebei Zhongjie Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd, Zhu Zhenjiang, deputy secretary of the Party committee, Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the trade Union of Hebei Zhongjie Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd, Cui Zhihe, general manager of Xinqiyuan company, Wang Zheng, general manager of Xinxinxinyuan company and other leaders attended the event, The event was presided over by Wang Sheng, general office manager of Xinxinyuan company.


    At the beginning of the activity, Wang Zheng, general manager of Xinxinyuan company, delivered a speech, warmly welcomed the new partners, encouraged the new employees to strengthen their confidence, enhance their courage, inherit the petrochemical spirit of "seriousness, truth and reality", shoulder new missions, show new achievements, and make concerted efforts to "achieve".



    Before the banner of the group company, all new employees solemnly swear. Then, Meng Dechai, the new employee's representative, spoke and said that he would follow the spiritual footprint of "seriousness, truth and reality", carry forward the professionalism of selfless dedication and hard work, be grateful, be loyal to the enterprise, remember safety, standardize operation, and create a faster new speed of development with innovation and passion.


    With neat slogans, a team of 33 new employees entered the site with sonorous and powerful steps. Their eyes were firm and confident, their actions were neat and uniform, and they showed the results of several days of hard training to the company's leaders and employee representatives in the vigorous and powerful voice of the instructor.

    After the report performance, the new employee Du Mingrui presided over the subsequent welcome fun games. Guided by the important thought of "sustainability, stability, innovation and development" of the chairman of the group, new and old employees form four teams: Sustainability team, stability team, innovation team and development team. In the six wonderful competition events of obeying the command, remembering the mission, independent and self-improvement, moving forward dream by dream, winning step by step and breaking the momentum, fierce competition was launched. The activity process was full of fun and challenges, stimulated the employees' sense of unity and struggle, quickly integrated the new employees into the company's team culture, and showed the positive and united spirit of the partners. During the activity, the "unity is strength" sung by new employees pushed the activity atmosphere to a climax.



    Finally, the development team won the group championship of this activity with three individual champions, which explained to us that development is the last word. The leaders of the company successively presented awards to the winning teams and individual champions.


    We will work together to continue to carry forward the " three ox spirit", with the energy of not waiting for time and seizing the day, carry forward the work passion of striving to be the first, and strive tirelessly to remember the new mission and show new achievements.