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Set sail against the wind, pursue your dreams and set sail again

Date:2021-06-16 15:05:13 Source :本站 Views: 8

    On June 16, Xinxinyuan company celebrated its seventh anniversary. Under the strong leadership of the group company, all partners of Xinxinyuan company worked hard to overcome difficulties. In the first half of the year, the company's business results were booming with each passing day, the management work was eliminating the old and replacing the new, the project construction was in full swing, and Xinxinyuan was thriving.



    In order to express condolences to the company's partners and construction team fighting in the hot summer, Wang Zheng, general manager of the company, Li Dongfeng and Liu Guangjie, deputy general managers, and Zhang Chao, Secretary of the Party branch, distributed heatstroke prevention materials to all partners and sent cake vouchers to the company's partners to celebrate the seventh birthday of Xinxinxinyuan company.


    Xinxinyuan company will continue to do its best in the growing journey; Take advantage of the situation, get up and go, Xinxin garden will speed up on the battlefield of surpassing itself; More than half of the year, make persistent efforts, and Xinxin park will create brilliance with hard work!