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Xinxinyuan company commended our advanced team and workers

Date:2022-01-18 16:14:20 Source :本站 Views: 13

In order to carry forward the spirit of struggle, advocate innovation and hard work, and encourage people to strive for excellence, Xinxinyuan company held a 2021 advanced commendation ceremony on the morning of January 18 to commend the company level advanced teams and workers.


In 2021, under the scientific leadership of the group company, the company took "sustainability, stability, innovation and development" as the guiding ideology, worked hard in "knowing the position, doing well and knowing the danger", and made new progress in all work. During the work, a group of advanced teams and workers emerged. They treated every work with a "serious, real and realistic" working attitude, based on their posts, conscientiously and scrupulously performed their duties, and wrote the struggling youth of ZhongJie Petrochemical people with their love for their own work.




A new chapter has been opened in 2022. All partners of the company will enhance the "sense of alignment", take the advanced as an example, strive to be the first, make persistent efforts, help each other, forge ahead, ride the wind and waves, and break the waves bravely.