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Xinxinyuan company organized all staff to learn the spirit of the important speech at the working meeting of the group

Date:2022-01-18 16:16:52 Source :本站 Views: 9

In order to deeply study and implement the spirit of the 2022 working conference of the group company, better unify ideas, lock in new goals, find the right direction, plan new development, and promote the implementation of the spirit of the conference, Xinxinyuan company organized all employees to deeply study the spirit of the important speech of the chairman of the group "telling old stories with intention to make new steps for development" and the work report of the general manager of the group "contracting and operation to help new businesses do solid work and build dreams".


On the afternoon of January 17, Wang Zheng, the general manager of the company, stressed at the centralized learning meeting of middle and senior management cadres that we should deeply understand the truth contained in the "four stories" told by the chairman. In view of the four important contents put forward by the chairman, "strengthen grass-roots exchanges, tighten the system fence, improve management ability and promote common prosperity", the management team of the company is required to deeply reflect on its own shortcomings, "Intensive cultivation and diligent reading" improves management ability and "unswerving practice" promotes enterprise development. The company has designated 2022 as the "year of management improvement", which aims to expand the scale of international trade, develop sales force and explore the sales market of fine chemicals; Ensure that all work is institutionalized and standardized, timely revise unreasonable management systems, avoid restricting the normal work, strictly control the implementation process, and create a new management situation of system management and process work; Strengthen the training of the company's management, and timely carry out ability improvement activities such as visit and study and industry exchange according to the epidemic trend, so as to explore the pattern, expand the realm and improve the quality; To achieve win-win results with "common aspiration", guide all partners to think and work together, and twist into a big rope to promote the sustainable development of the enterprise, so as to ensure the overall improvement of the management level of the company.








All departments, offices and teams have organized internal publicity and implementation meetings and seminars, deeply studied the spirit of the important speeches of the chairman and general manager of the group, benchmarked their own posts, further sorted out the work ideas, work requirements and work objectives in 2022, strengthened "stable" operation, and made painstaking efforts in "sustainable" innovation and development, We will spare no effort to ensure that all key tasks in the new year are implemented in place.

We should strive to make further progress, ride our horses and whip up our feet. Based on the new starting point and realizing new leaps, Xinxinyuan company will firmly grasp the market opportunities, stabilize the business results, promote reform and innovation, and make new progress in the "management improvement year".