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Xinxinyuan company organized special safety inspection before the Spring Festival

Date:2022-01-22 16:21:08 Source :本站 Views: 13

In order to ensure the company's safe production during the Spring Festival and timely find and eliminate hidden dangers in on-site operation, Xinxinyuan company organized professional technicians to carry out a special inspection on safe production on the morning of January 21. Wang Zheng, general manager and Li Dongfeng, deputy general manager of the company participated in the special inspection.


The inspection is divided into four groups: safety management, process management, equipment management and instrument and electricity management. The heads of each department are incorporated into the inspection group to carry out synchronous inspection on the three operation departments, find problems from multiple angles and improve them in many aspects. This inspection is mainly based on the requirements for work safety during the Spring Festival and Winter Olympics formulated by the government. A hidden danger troubleshooting table with design compliance and equipment management as the main line is prepared to investigate the implementation of safety, emergency, equipment management and other work of the operation Department, key equipment and key parts on site The safety management of hazardous chemicals has been systematically inspected.



The special safety inspection timely found and eliminated potential hazards in the work, effectively curbed the occurrence of safety accidents, and provided a basic guarantee for the safe and stable production of the company during the Spring Festival.