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Implementing safety responsibility and promoting safety development (I)

Date:2021-05-31 16:25:03 Source :本站 Views: 9


    June 2021 is the 20th "safety production month" in China. According to the unified deployment of superior competent departments, Xinxinyuan company takes "implementing safety responsibility and promoting safety development" as the theme, and the safety management department takes the lead to organize and carry out a series of activities such as safety production knowledge publicity and education, hidden danger investigation, emergency drill, knowledge competition, skill competition and so on.


    In order to strengthen the concept of safe development and compact the responsibility of safe production, Xinxinyuan company organized and held the kick-off meeting of "safe production month" in 2021 in the first conference room of the central control room on May 31. A total of 15 leading group members including Wang Zheng, general manager of the company, Li Dongfeng and Liu Guangjie, deputy general managers, Zhang Chao, Secretary of the Party branch, department managers and HSE engineers attended the meeting, which was presided over by Fu Jinguang, manager of the safety management department.

At the beginning of the meeting, a safety responsibility accident warning film led to the theme of the meeting, which more vividly and deeply emphasized the importance of "implementing safety responsibility". Fu Jinguang, manager of safety management department, publicized and implemented the monthly activity plan for safety production in detail. Li Dongfeng, deputy general manager, pointed out that safety managers at all levels should pay more attention, strengthen organization and leadership, take the safety month activity as an opportunity, take the deployment of various activities as the guidance, participate in the whole staff, carry out comparative study, seriously reflect, constantly summarize and improve, compact responsibilities and strengthen implementation, so as to ensure the effective implementation of the activities.


General manager Wang Zheng stressed that safety management is the guarantee of the company's economic benefits, the cornerstone and lifeline of the company's development, and also the firewall of employees' life and health. Managers at all levels should improve their awareness of safety responsibility, always tighten the safety string, always adhere to the "two supremacies", based on the "two fundamentals", constantly consolidate the foundation of safety production and take "seriousness, truth and reality" The enterprise spirit, implement safety responsibility, effectively promote the development of safety production month activities, and celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with the effectiveness of safety management.


Finally, the management team of the company solemnly signed the banner on the theme of safety production month to express their commitment to guarding enterprise safety and their determination to enterprise safety development in the form of signature. The kick-off meeting opened the curtain for the company's "safety production month" activity and created a positive atmosphere for the effective development of the activity.