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The most beautiful "she" power | Pan Juan: Adhere to digital accuracy

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    IntroductionIn life, they are gentle and considerate, beautiful and intelligent little women; At work, they have become strong women who love their jobs and are dedicated and independent. To celebrate the upcoming "March 8th" International Women's day, Xinxinyuan company specially launched a series of reports on women's style of "the most beautiful 'her' strength", which let us feel the women's petrochemical feelings of Xinxinyuan women workers. The person in this issue - Pan Juan, accounting post of the finance office.


Pan Juan, who joined the factory in February 2015, is now an accountant in the finance office and has won the company level advanced worker in 2020.

Six years passed quickly. She also grew rapidly under the guidance of leaders at all levels and the help of colleagues. She has improved her ideological realm, professional knowledge, working ability and other aspects, and has made some achievements. Never forgetting her original intention and forging ahead, she has always maintained a high work enthusiasm, worked hard, pragmatic and enterprising, and completed each task seriously and responsibly.

Accurate and timely cost accounting

Cost accounting is one of the important work contents in financial work. We should not only have the professional ability of accounting, but also be familiar with the production process of each device in order to accurately calculate the cost. After entering the plant, pan Juan studied and worked in MTBE unit, production and operation Department and sales hall of operation Department I for a period of time, and had a basic understanding of unit process flow, raw material product structure, production and marketing operation flow, etc. After she became an accountant, she fully integrated her past learning experience with the work content at this stage, and worked easily. She strictly reviewed the purchase and sales material invoice, engineering construction invoice, warehouse receipt invoice, transportation invoice and other bills every month, returned the invoices with inaccurate records and incorrect information in time, and asked the handler to correct and supplement them, It ensures that the data information collected and recorded is correct.

Strictly review expenses

Small things make great things, and details make perfect. In her work, pan Juan insisted on starting with the details, and reviewed the expenses, travel reimbursement and other expenses of the company according to the specified approval procedures and the scope and standards of the company's relevant costs and expenses. For invoices with incomplete or non-conforming procedures, patiently explain and ask the reimbursement personnel to go through the formalities or replace the invoices according to the regulations, which can not only achieve the integrity of the implementation system, but also obtain everyone's understanding and support, so as to establish the authority of the person in charge of audit. She takes small things as big things, always maintains a serious attitude, and strengthens the control of non production costs and controllable costs. She will never overspend if she can't overspend, so as to promote the company to better save costs and improve benefits.

Ideological progress and improving quality

Her first job as an accounting post coincided with the management division between Xinxinyuan company and Xinqiyuan company. The finance office was faced with many problems, such as more work, fewer personnel and heavy tasks, especially when closing accounts at the end of the month, all kinds of invoices poured in. For a time, she was busy and didn't find a clear solution. However, with her unyielding tenacity, continuous accumulation of experience, orderly and planned completion of various work, decisive and cautious solutions to problems, her overall quality has been improved. While completing her own work, she will always try her best to help others solve various problems raised by her colleagues in terms of Finance and business based on what she has learned and known.

Seriously study professional knowledge

Pan Juan has been actively contacting new things and learning new knowledge. She obtained the accounting qualification certificate in 2016 and the junior accountant in 2017. Now, she often uses her spare time to learn the video explanation of Intermediate accountants, prepare for the selection of Intermediate accountants, and lay the foundation for fully dealing with new problems in her work. She often said that the inexhaustible power comes from the faith in her heart. No pain, no gain. As long as you study hard, you will be able to get good results in the intermediate professional title examination next year.

Ensure safety production requirements

Safety production is particularly important for chemical enterprises. Safety is the "foundation" of operation and development, and financial safety is also a part that can not be ignored. In her daily work, she strictly checks the payment company information and payment amount during payment audit to ensure payment safety. She will regularly bind accounting vouchers into account books, strictly implement the measures for the management of accounting archives, standardize the management of accounting archives and statements, and ensure the safety of archives. At the same time, she has a strong sense of confidentiality. Keep financial secrets tight, and strictly do a good job in the confidentiality and security of accounting data.

Repeat simple things, repeat things with your heart. With a practical work style and solid theoretical foundation, Comrade Pan Juan has made remarkable achievements in an ordinary job. She is such an excellent financial worker who loves her job and is dedicated to her duties.