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The most beautiful "she" power | Wang Ping:The lotus in the sun is very red

Date:2021-03-02 23:15:16 Source :本站 Views: 20


Wang Ping, who joined the factory in February 2015, is now the monitor of 150 ton boiler unit. She has won the honorary titles of 2017 advanced female worker, 2019 female model, 2019 company operation expert and the third prize of 2017 Bohai new area safety knowledge competition.

In people's inherent impression, lesbians entering chemical enterprises are the existence of "playing soy sauce". They copy statements and write articles. When they are interested, they may help male compatriots clean the site, occupying a position and slightly useless. Today, I'd like to introduce a different female Petrochemical worker to you. She is the female monitor of 150 ton boiler - Wang Ping.

Speaking of Wang Ping, everyone's first impression is "a little girl who talks a lot", but every time I talk to her, I can feel the firmness in her small voice. She said a lot because she told me so much about any work for fear of omission; She said much because of her attitude of breaking the casserole and asking the truth. If you encounter a problem, you must thoroughly understand it, even if you don't understand it at all, it will cause serious consequences.

Women are natural and unrestrained because they have self-confidence. Her confidence in her skill level is revealed in every word and instruction. Wang Ping went from the operator post to the current monitor precisely because she has been carrying out all kinds of work with the belief that "mastering technology is the last word". What she often does is shuttle around the site, ranging from daily operation to device transformation. She can be found in every place where she can learn. In order to better ensure the production and operation, she also likes to study how to optimize the operation. Hard work pays off. Because of her unremitting study, she can find the problem at the first time and nip some hidden dangers that may cause accidents in the bud.

In the twinkling of an eye, Comrade Wang Ping has been in the factory for six years. As a female monitor, she has encountered more difficulties in her work than others. Voices of doubt and disapproval often surround her, but she always uses her own strength to defeat these ideas. In her day-to-day work, she always adheres to the serious, real and practical enterprise spirit, never forgets her original heart and remembers her mission.

She is a different but ordinary female worker. She is different because she has broken the normalization in the eyes of others. She is ordinary because there are many independent and excellent partners fighting like her in the petrochemical park. They work hard, combine hardness with softness, put their enthusiasm into work, do not be proud or slack, repay the company with a grateful heart, do their best for the development of the enterprise, and reflect the unique brilliance of women petrochemical workers!