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The most beautiful "she" power | Ren Hong: Sincere people do things seriously

Date:2021-03-07 23:22:18 Source :本站 Views: 8


Ren Hong, who joined the factory in February 2015, is currently a weighbridge member of the third production department and has won the title of advanced female worker in 2020.

In her work, she always adheres to the enterprise spirit of "seriousness, authenticity and reality", studies professional knowledge hard, improves skill level, and gains growth and achievements in practice. On the premise of successfully obtaining junior workers, she also took the initiative to seriously study the book knowledge of intermediate workers, continuously improve her theoretical level, charge and pressurize herself, strictly demand herself with high standards, overcome many difficulties and take the lead.

In order to combine theoretical knowledge with practice, she humbly asked every colleague for advice, where she went and learned, and did not miss any learning opportunity. It is with the diligent learning spirit and hard-working style that she continuously improves her business ability, strives to do every weighing work perfectly, and truly achieves zero mistakes and zero complaints.

She is kind and optimistic, always full of enthusiasm for her work, and infects everyone around her with her enthusiasm. When there are many loading and unloading vehicles, the drivers queue up for registration for a long time. In order to reduce the waiting time of drivers, she often misses the meal time. When she is free, the food is already cold. However, she never complained about a word of dissatisfaction. Instead, she smiled and said that most of the drivers who came to the factory were outsiders. They could register and load the car early, and they could go home early. During the epidemic, she will remind each driver to do a good job in personal protection as required to strictly control the safety of the epidemic.

While doing her job well, she also actively participates in various cultural activities carried out by the company, departments and teams, which is Ren Hong who is willing to struggle, willing to contribute, enterprising and love learning. In her heart, the company is the second home. She works hard in her ordinary job, welcomes every day's work with full enthusiasm, and does not relax or admit defeat, Make every effort to build a petrochemical family.