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Take responsibility with hard work and build dreams with ingenuity

Date:2022-04-29 14:54:36 Source :本站 Views: 8

On the morning of April 27, at the "Symposium on Model Workers and Craftsmen Celebrating May 1st" held by the Cangzhou Federation of Trade Unions, Wang Xingjian, Manager of the Operation Department of Xinxinyuan Company, was awarded the honorary title of "2022 Cangzhou Great Craftsman".


Comrade Wang Xingjian has been working since graduating from university. Under the guidance of Zhongjie Petrochemical's enterprise spirit of "seriousness, truthfulness, and realism", he has been working hard for 13 years in his job. It stems from his inner love for work and always maintains a work attitude of excellence. With perseverance and perseverance, we constantly pursue the craftsman spirit of the new era.


Take diligence as the first and continue to work hard. From 2008 to 2021, from the operator of the reforming unit to the person in charge of the carbon four integrated unit, he spent 13 years of hard work to realize the transformation from a chemical layman to a professional technician. He focuses on learning accumulation and practical improvement, and has finally achieved a thorough understanding of nearly 10,000 operating parameters of the operating device, and can keenly perceive every abnormal fluctuation that may have a significant impact on safe production and product quality. In 2014, he was instructed to participate in the construction of an integrated C-4 fine chemical plant. Through study and mutual cooperation with partners, he overcame the language barrier, and solved the technical problems such as long process design, strict index requirements, and difficult installation. It took two years to build a production unit on a saline-alkali tidal flat using the world's leading technology from UOP, which turned LPG into high-quality and clean gasoline additives.


Carefully crafted, keep improving. 13 years of work training not only gave him a great breakthrough in professional technology, but also gave him the courage to explore and innovate continuously. In equipment installation, he has successfully guided the hoisting of two tower internals each weighing 5 tons and about 13 meters long, and strictly controlled the center distance deviation of the internals within 3 mm. In daily production, the operating parameters of the device were repeatedly pondered, and suggestions were put forward such as process optimization of isobutane separation tower, transformation of heat pump rectification, optimization of energy saving by degrading the bottom steam of catalytic distillation tower, and improvement of quality and efficiency of MTBE products. In order to reduce production costs and achieve energy saving It has contributed to reducing consumption and promoting green development.

Since his entry, his efforts and enthusiasm for his work have also been recognized and praised by leaders and colleagues, and he has won many honorary titles such as advanced worker and outstanding Communist Party member; he has obtained more than 10 national utility model patents; participated in the compilation of " Methyl tertiary butyl ether" enterprise standard, which sets a new benchmark for high-quality, high-standard MTBE products. While achieving self-improvement, he still pays attention to the inheritance of technology, imparts what he wants to others, and imparts his experience to young partners.

Comrade Wang Xingjian always adheres to the enterprise spirit of "seriousness, truthfulness and reality", adheres to the original mission of "realizing the dream of Zhongjie Petrochemical", strengthens the ideal and belief of "achieving", plays the role of party members as a vanguard and model, and moves forward steadily step by step , lock new goals, achieve new breakthroughs, and seek new growth in the deep understanding of "knowing position, knowing action, and knowing danger".