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Tert-butyl acetate

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[ About TBAC ]


Tert-Butyl acetate (TBAC)

CAS:                                   540-88-5

Chemical formula:             C6H12O2


TBAC has the characteristics of VOC-Exempt, Non-HAP, Non-ODC, Non-PBT and low toxicity;

Boiling point of TBAC: 98, evaporation rate: 2.8, lower volatility and safer than acetone and methyl acetate;

TBAC does not react with amine and amide curing agents, and has good solubility for various resins and nitrocellulose.



As a solvent for solvent-based coatings, paints, and adhesives, such as wood paint, automotive refinish; raw materials for the synthesis of pharmaceutical intermediates, such as atorvastatin intermediate ATS-8.


Design capacity of TBAC:7,000 tons per year



1. The factory belongs to Zhongjie Petrochemical Group, and is located in the professional formal chemical park of Zhongjie Petrochemical, which meets the national environmental protection requirements

2. The factory has a professional laboratory and related testing equipment to ensure satisfying quality.

3. Reliable quality control

-  The factory tests the raw materials completely before discharging and discharge only after passing the inspection;

-  Every 2 hours, the production department will take samples from the production line to test moisture and main content;

-  Every 4 hours, the group central laboratory will take samples to test moisture and main content;

-  The factory takes samples from the tank at 8 am every day to conduct a complete test.

4.The factory adopts 24 hours continuous production method, product quality is stable. The existing 600MT conventional storage tank and 3000MT reserve storage tank can ensure the normal, stable and timely supply, and have the conditions of bulk cargo ship transportation and storage.



[Sales Outside China]

In December 2021, Hebei Xinxinyuan Energy Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with Walsun Tech & Trade Co., Ltd. to confirm its exclusive agency for sales of TBAC products outside mainland China.


Walsun Contact:

Mr. Hawkson Yu    

TEL:  +8618174427295 



Xinxinyuan Contact: 

Mr. Bai         

TEL:  +8613697378666   



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