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           It is an important fine chemical raw material and intermediate, mainly used in the production of non-ionic surfactants, lubricant additives, oil-soluble phenolic resins and insulating materials, textile printing and dyeing, papermaking additives, rubber and plastic anti-oxidant TNP , Antistatic ABPS, oilfield and refinery chemicals, petroleum products clean dispersant and copper ore and rare metal float selector, also used as antioxidants, textile printing and dyeing auxiliaries, lubricant additives, pesticide emulsifiers, resin modification Used as nonionic surfactants in the fields of vulcanizing agent, resin and rubber stabilizer for ethylene oxide condensing agent, used as detergent, emulsifier, dispersant, wetting agent, etc., and further processed into sulfuric acid fat and phosphoric acid fat. As an anionic surfactant. It is also used to make descaling agent, antistatic agent, foaming agent, etc.