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The most beautiful "she" power | Yang Hongyan:Write youth with diligence

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Yang Hongyan, who joined the factory in February 2015, is now the chief operator of the first production department and has won the title of advanced female worker in 2017 and 2018.

Since entering the post, she has been struggling in the front line of installation, working hard and willing to contribute. When Yang Hongyan first entered the plant, Xinxinyuan company was still in the construction stage. It took six years. Now the plant refining tower stands. She has witnessed the earth shaking changes of Xinxinxinyuan company and is constantly growing and making progress.

In the middle and late 2015, the construction of the unit was in full swing. In order to catch up with the construction period, the leaders divided the partners of the dehydrogenation unit into several ways to purge the unit. At that time, many partners just walked out of the school and lacked practical work experience. During the purging process, they encountered problems such as inability to vent at the disconnection and splashing rust, sewage and so on. Through continuous exploration, she and her partners came up with methods such as placing nuts and iron sheets between flanges, effectively solved the problem, completed the purging task of the device on time and with quality, and prepared for the smooth commencement of the device.

Since December 2018, the dehydrogenation unit has been in operation and encountered many problems. In the face of these problems, as the main operator, she always actively looks for solutions to the problems. Poor catalyst lifter has always been a difficult problem perplexing the operation of the unit. In daily operation, she carefully observed the changes of parameters, actively reported her ideas and communicated and discussed with engineers. Through continuous optimization, the number of lifter lifting failures has been very few. At work, she seriously asks the department engineers and managers for professional operation knowledge. She often says that the collective power is great. As long as everyone works hard at one place, any problems can be overcome.

In daily operation, she is meticulous and can find problems in the process of device operation in time. Her solid basic skills enable her to analyze problems and direct external operation to solve problems. For unreasonable places in daily operation, she communicates with leaders in time and actively assists managers to complete device optimization. It is with a group of competent and responsible employees like her that the safe production of the plant can be guaranteed.

In addition, she actively cooperated with the squad leader to help the newcomers in the team. When the newcomers first arrived in the team, they were inevitably confused and didn't know how to carry out their work. At this time, like her big sister, she took the trouble to guide, remind and set an example for the new employees. In addition to conscientiously and responsibly completing her own work, she actively helps other partners in work and life. Whenever she knows that others are in difficulties, she always actively extends a helping hand. With her hard work, she has won the recognition of her colleagues, departments and companies, and was rated as an advanced female worker for two consecutive years from 2017 to 2018.

As a woman in the new era, she seriously plays every role in life such as employees, mothers, daughters and daughter-in-law. She loves life, respects the old and loves the young, loves her post and dedication, shows courtesy and integrity, and depicts a wonderful picture of youth with diligence.