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The most beautiful "she" power | LV Heyan: Lighting up the service window with sincerity

Date:2021-03-06 23:21:14 Source :本站 Views: 8


LV Heyan, who joined the factory in February 2015, is currently a weighbridge member of the third production department and has won the company level advanced worker of 2016 and the advanced female worker of 2017.

The storage and transportation department undertakes the important tasks of the company's material storage, storage and transportation, and is also the company's external service department. As the window of external service, the weighbridge room is an important post to establish a good corporate image. Since joining Xinxinyuan company in 2015, LV Heyan has been working as a weighbridge in the company's storage, transportation and receiving system.

She is a person who is more strict than self-interest. She is always meticulous in her work. The weighbridge is a meticulous work. She always carefully checks each bill and number, and does not miss any small mistake. She insists on cleaning the weighbridge every day, rain or wind. On snowy days, regardless of the severe cold, she always cleans the snow on the weighbridge at the first time. Even if her hands are red, she doesn't care, and tries her best to ensure the safety of vehicle access and driver loading and unloading. If a worker wants to do well, he must first sharpen his tools. She believes that maintaining the weighbridge is the most basic work of every weighbridge worker.

She is a helpful person. Every time the weighbridge room welcomes new colleagues, she gives them everything she can, patiently answers questions and doubts for new employees, helps them adapt to their jobs as soon as possible, and contributes to improving the work efficiency of the weighbridge. It is often said that LV Heyan is a warm-hearted person. When she meets a driver who is unable to eat due to loading and unloading, she gives the biscuits and cakes she brings to the driver to satisfy her hunger. When handling business, she adhered to the service principle of civilized window, treated the drivers who came into the factory for the first time, carefully explained the company's loading and unloading process, with a sincere attitude and a smile on her face. She is sincere and trustworthy, and shows a good company image to the loading and unloading drivers with practical actions.

2020 is an extraordinary year. With the outbreak of COVID-19, the outer room of the weighing machine room needs extra caution. She sterilize every day strictly according to the regulations, and does not let go of any corner. While doing a good job of self-protection, she also distributed the masks she bought to her colleagues and told her partners to take protective measures again and again. She often said that doing a good job of protection is not only loving herself, but also protecting others.

She is an ordinary person, doing ordinary work, but also blooming infinite light in ordinary posts. She works hard and has fun in her work. She studies hard and improves herself in her study. The appearance of her serious efforts is the most beautiful appearance of the female workers of Xinxinyuan company.