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Smelting team spirit, cohesion and winning force

Date:2021-07-22 15:11:30 Source :本站 Views: 16

In order to promote management communication, enhance team concept, establish winning belief and unite together, on the afternoon of July 22, Xinxinyuan company organized middle and senior managers to go to Mengcun Guichuan International Shooting Sports Center to carry out national defense themed team building activities on the occasion of the upcoming August 1 Military day.


Before the activity, the partners conducted basic military theory and firearms knowledge training, and then carried out live firing of pistols, rifles, shotguns and sniper guns under the guidance of the coach. The best performing partners scored 10 rounds and 10 rings, mastered shooting methods and skills through practice, and possessed basic military literacy.



In the subsequent paintball combat activities, the partners were divided into two teams to conduct actual combat drills in the activity site full of bunkers. Combat activities test tactical strategies and team cooperation, and partners enhance friendship and mutual trust in mutual cooperation. Wrapped in solid protective equipment, everyone soon sweated profusely, and the bullet hit the body with pain. This is a test of personal strength and perseverance. It also allows the partners to feel the hardships of the military through personal experience, enhance the feelings of supporting the army and patriotism, and full of respect for the PLA soldiers who have exchanged their sweat and life for our happy life today.


Wang Zheng, general manager of the company, pointed out that when the August 1st military day is coming, the company organized and carried out a national defense themed group building activity, which aims to let the management team understand the basic national defense knowledge and national defense theory, master the preliminary military skills, strengthen the awareness of "thinking of danger in peace", and improve the team cohesion, sense of belonging, sense of honor and combat effectiveness in the deep understanding of "knowing the position and knowing the danger". All participants should apply the fine style of soldiers obeying orders, daring to bear hardships, unity and cooperation and fighting bravely to their work, and strive to be a pioneer in their respective posts with practical actions.