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Welcome the development of friendship on National Day

Date:2021-09-30 15:15:24 Source :本站 Views: 17

On the afternoon of September 30, the National Day Tea Party of Xinxinyuan company was held in the second conference room of the central control room, attended by 46 members of the leading group such as general manager Wang Zheng, department managers and employee representatives. The theme of this activity is "work together in the fourth quarter to ensure the good ending of the year of the ox". On the occasion of the national day, new and old employees gathered together to discuss how to prepare for the fourth quarter, ensure the successful completion of the annual goal and present a gift to the motherland with better results.


    After many hardships, the revolutionary ancestors have always maintained their high fighting spirit, the Communists have forged ahead and the direction of progress. Before the event, the participants watched the video of China's journey from darkness to rejuvenation under the leadership of the Communist Party. In the melodious melody of praising the motherland, the tea party officially opened.

    At the symposium, representatives of new and old employees opened their hearts and actively interacted from three aspects: work harvest perception, career growth planning and work optimization suggestions, which strengthened their determination to strive for the realization of ZOJE Petrochemical dream. Focusing on the established tasks at the beginning of the year and comparing the completion of various work tasks, the managers of the main departments of the company reported the work priorities and plans for the fourth quarter, indicating the determination to win the benefit sprint by "working hard for three months".


    Finally, Wang Zheng, general manager of the company, made an overall arrangement for the work in the fourth quarter. He pointed out that the work of the fourth quarter is related to the completion of the annual work and building the foundation for the work of the next year. All partners should strengthen their confidence, boost their courage, lock in new goals and work tirelessly; We should ensure safe and stable production and ensure the smooth progress of fundamentals; We should save capital, increase efficiency, innovate and develop, and gather the development momentum of the company; We should spare no time to make steady progress, work hard and carry forward the spirit of struggle. He asked all partners to continue to adhere to the guiding ideology of "sustainability, stability, innovation and development" of the chairman of the group, shoulder new missions, show new achievements, and continue to set sail in knowing position, doing and danger.


Youth has no regrets, only struggle. On the stage of the fourth quarter, all partners of the company will work together to forge ahead, steadily tie a good situation, develop and innovate, and focus on winning the turnaround in the year of the ox.