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Implementing safety responsibility and promoting safety development (2)

Date:2021-06-04 16:17:35 Source :本站 Views: 11

    In order to actively create the activity atmosphere of "safety production month" and improve the safety awareness of all employees, the safety management department of Xinxinyuan company organized the production and hanging of publicity banners, pasted publicity posters, and organized the warning education of typical accident cases.




    Consolidate the foundation, deepen management and improve management level. On June 4, the safety management department of Xinxinyuan company organized a special training activity on "safety production standardization and hidden danger investigation" in the second conference room of the central control building. Yang Cuiyan, a production safety expert and safety trainer from Hebei Province, was specially invited to give lectures. A total of 25 people, including Li Dongfeng, deputy general manager, Feng Guowei, deputy chief engineer, department managers and engineers, participated in the training.


    Before the training, Mr. Yang conducted a field survey on the management data and on-site management. By understanding the management status of the company, he analyzed the problems existing in the process of standardization and hidden danger investigation and treatment, and conducted targeted training and guidance for the above problems.


    During the training, Mr. Yang focused on the interpretation of the relevant legal norms of standardization with practical problems as the starting point, analyzed and interpreted the twelve elements of standardization management with typical problems in communication as an example, combined with normative requirements and management experience, took the hidden danger list in the management process as an example, and took the representative hidden danger problems as the breakthrough point, The key points in hidden danger investigation and treatment are carried out in detail, and valuable guidance is put forward.




    After the training, Mr. Yang went to the management site to conduct detailed analysis and careful guidance on equipment and facilities, automation control and major hazard source control, help everyone correct misunderstandings and solve doubts, lay a foundation for the long-term operation of the company's standardization construction, and pave the way for the development of hidden danger investigation activities in the "safe production month".