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Check the dynamic equipment thoroughly to ensure the stable operation of production

Date:2021-02-04 23:10:38 Source :本站 Views: 8

    With the Spring Festival approaching, in order to ensure the "safe, stable, long-term, full and excellent" operation of the company's production plants, on February 1, the production and operation center organized the company's equipment management personnel and invited the dynamic equipment technical management personnel of Huateng company to go to the plant site to carry out the dynamic equipment spot inspection action.


With the cold wind whistling, the inspectors carried out all-round detection on the vibration, temperature and sound of the on-site pumps and compressors around the rumbling equipment, found the weak links in the equipment management, and earnestly found and handled the faults early, so as to provide sufficient guarantee for the stable production of the unit.


After the inspection, Liu Jia, the manager of the production and operation center, said that the person in charge of each equipment should clearly grasp the equipment operation data in the responsible area, timely find the problems ignored in the daily team spot inspection process, comprehensively improve the production safety awareness of employees, gradually form a good quality of regular inspection and rectification of hidden dangers within a time limit, and do real and detailed equipment spot inspection, Ensure the stable operation of production equipment.