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Carry out government-enterprise joint emergency drills to improve rescue coordination

Date:2022-07-01 15:38:04 Source :本站 Views: 6

In order to improve the level of emergency management in the park, test the emergency response capabilities of enterprises, and evaluate and improve the government-enterprise linkage mechanism, on June 30, the Park Safety Committee Office organized relevant departments and Xinxinyuan Company to jointly carry out the 2022 emergency response to the production of hazardous chemicals in the whole region. In the rescue drill, 10 rescue vehicles of various types were dispatched, and more than 50 people participated in the exercise. Song Liyang, director of the Emergency Management Bureau of Zhongjie Industrial Park, Song Liang, deputy director, Ma Guang, captain of the fire brigade, Wang Zheng, general manager of Xinxinyuan, and Li Dongfeng, deputy general manager, as well as the heads of relevant government departments and representatives of hazardous chemical enterprises conducted the scene. Observe.


This drill simulates the flash explosion and fire caused by the excessively fast flow rate during the low liquid level of the methanol storage tank. stage. After the drill started, the employees heard loud noises while working outdoors. During the on-site inspection, it was found that a flash explosion occurred during the oil entry of the methanol tank, the top of the tank cracked, and the tank caught fire. Xinxinyuan Company immediately launched an emergency rescue plan to carry out self-rescue. Due to the large fire, the company's own emergency rescue force could not control the fire in a timely and effective manner, and the scene was urgent, and the company immediately launched an expanded emergency response. After receiving the company's accident report, Zhongjie Industrial Park immediately launched an emergency rescue plan, mobilized emergency support from the government's fire department, medical rescue and other departments. All rescue teams obeyed the command and immediately went into rescue operations. The wounded were treated in time, and the fire was effectively controlled. Complete the stated objectives of the exercise.





After the drill, Song Liyang, director of the Zhongjie Emergency Management Bureau, commented on the drill, saying that the drill was very targeted. All participating units carefully organized, arranged and cooperated closely, and the drill achieved the expected results and achieved a complete success. success. At the same time, he corrected the details of the drill process, and asked the heads of enterprises and relevant government departments to tighten the safety strings at all times, fully integrate emergency plans and drills, and create a team of "recruiters who can come and come" through drills. The emergency support team is able to fight and win the battle to ensure the continuous and stable production safety situation in the park.



Wang Zheng, the general manager of the company, said that the drill was very successful. While testing the scientificity and operability of the emergency plan, it also evaluated and improved the emergency management mechanism, and exercised and improved the company's emergency response and coordinated operations in the face of emergencies. Ability to escort the company's safe production.