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Telling old stories of struggle and taking new steps of development

Date:2022-06-16 15:22:39 Source :本站 Views: 5

On June 16, 2022, Xinxinyuan Company organized and held the eighth anniversary celebration with the theme of "telling old stories of struggle and taking new steps of development". Since its establishment in 2014, Xinxinyuan Company, under the strong leadership of the group company, has closely adhered to the goal of "Zhongjie Petrochemical Dream", has the courage to work hard, take responsibility, and be proficient in innovation, striving to be the main force on the road to pursuit of dreams, Continuous improvement and growth.


This factory celebration is based on "sharing" as the main line, implementing the group chairman's guiding ideology of "pushing common prosperity", sharing the joy of the company's celebration with petrochemical partners, sharing the insights of corporate growth, and sharing the fruits of petrochemical development. At noon that day, the company entrusted Huayue Kaixuan Company to provide beef for the partners in the factory, hoping that the partners will continue to carry forward the spirit of the young cattle, pioneer cattle, and old cattle, and make great efforts for the development of the company. Before the lunch, the company leaders shared the cake with the partners, and also encouraged the partners to make the enterprise development cake bigger and share the achievements of enterprise development together.



In the afternoon, the company organized and carried out the activity of "Revisiting the old stories of petrochemicals and taking new steps of development" around the important thought of the chairman of the group, "Tell old stories and take new steps for development". Feng Guowei, deputy chief engineer of the company, as a witness to the development of petrochemicals, told partners the development history and touching stories of Zhongjie Petrochemicals. Under the leadership of the chairman of the group, and in the hard work of the petrochemical people, Zhongjie Petrochemical has changed from "blueprint" to "reality", from "small workshop" to "big group", from "envy of others" to "envy of others" ". Each development story urges partners to keep in mind the history of development, inherit the spirit of petrochemical, inherit the fine style of work, and show a new atmosphere of daring to innovate, to be dedicated, and to be good at breaking the situation.



On the saline-alkali beach by the Bohai Bay, dozens of miles of road are uninhabited. Wang Zheng, the general manager of the company, then led the partners into the scene, reviewed the construction and development process of Xinxin Garden, introduced the company's future development plan, and strengthened the partners' confidence in uniting and fighting. Finally, the general manager issued Zhongjie Petrochemical fuel cards to Xinxinyuan's on-the-job partners, allowing the partners to cheer for the vigorous development of Zhongjie Petrochemical.


Actions must be responded accordingly, and the eight-year-old Xinxinyuan has officially entered the "primary school" stage, getting rid of immaturity and becoming mature. Xinxin Garden will continue to maintain a childlike thirst for knowledge and curiosity.