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Tert butyl acetate section of flame retardant unit of Xinxinyuan company Produce qualified products

Date:2021-10-29 15:21:58 Source :本站 Views: 82

    On the morning of October 29, the 3000 t / a tert butyl acetate section of the flame retardant unit of Hebei Xinxinyuan Energy Co., Ltd. successfully produced tert butyl acetate products with a purity of 99.5%, marking a new extension of the company's fine chemical industry chain.


    On October 26, 2021, the flame retardant device obtained the demonstration opinion of trial production (use) scheme. The company immediately organized and held the start-up preparation meeting of flame retardant device on the morning of October 27. Wang Zheng, general manager of xinxinxinyuan company, Bai Guanghua, Cai Chenggang and other members of the start-up headquarters of flame retardant project partners attended. At the meeting, Wang Zheng, general manager of the company, stressed that the flame retardant project is about to be put into operation, and all commencement professional teams should implement all work according to the commencement plan, strictly abide by the work policy of "safety first", focus on key links, achieve unified leadership, unified command and unified action, and ensure the smooth commencement of the plant.


During the start-up, under the leadership of the start-up headquarters of the company, all professional groups cooperated and concentrated, actively promoted the start-up process of the unit with a rigorous, serious and pragmatic working attitude, and made the tert butyl acetate section start-up successful at one time. Tert butyl acetate produced by the flame retardant unit meets the national green development strategic goal. It is an important chemical intermediate, which is widely used in medicine, coating, printing and dyeing, ink and other industries. Tert butyl acetate is also a low toxic non halogen solvent. Mixing with other solvents can greatly improve the miscibility of the solvent. As an environment-friendly solvent, the product can significantly reduce the atmospheric photochemical reaction activity, volatility at room temperature and the content of harmful air pollutants of the target product.


The smooth operation of the project marks a new step on the road of refinement, greening and innovation. In recent years, Xinxinyuan company has scientifically planned the industrial layout, actively built, extended, supplemented and strengthened the chain, and worked hard to realize the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure. Next, all partners of the company will lock in new goals, continue to set sail in knowing the position and danger, and make every effort to promote the early production and efficiency of the flame retardant section of the plant.