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Management Improvement Year | Xinxinyuan "Safety Production Month" Safety Management Improvement Activities

Date:2022-06-16 15:20:23 Source :本站 Views: 4

Consolidate the management foundation and improve the management level. On June 15, Xinxinyuan Safety Management Department organized a special training activity on "Responsibility Management of Major Hazardous Sources Guaranteed Insurance". Teacher Wang Lianjie, a safety expert from Hebei Province, was specially invited to give a lecture. More than 30 people including Li Dongfeng, deputy general manager of the company, Feng Guowei, deputy chief engineer, Tian Fengbin, assistant general manager, managers of various departments and engineers, participated in the training.


Before the training, Mr. Wang Lianjie fully understood the actual situation of the company and the problems existing in the process of carrying out the responsibility management of major hazard sources through communication with engineers from various departments and on-site investigation. Mr. Wang conducted special training and guidance for the above problems.



In the training process, Mr. Wang first took the case as the starting point, emphasized the importance of the management of major hazards, and started from the actual problem, and focused on the interpretation of the relevant documents and requirements of the responsibility system for the guarantee of major hazards, taking typical problems that are common in enterprises as an example. The analysis was carried out, and a detailed analysis and explanation of the problems and key assessment items in the "Special Checklist for Major Hazardous Sources" formulated by the superior government was carried out. Through detailed explanations, everyone's doubts in the process of work were solved, and constructive guiding opinions were put forward, which laid a foundation for the in-depth development and implementation of the company's major hazard management work, and also created a new learning for safety management improvement activities. climax.